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2007 Vintage

Widely declared, the IVDP calls it the biggest Vintage declaration to date.  2007 wines are generally of high quality, with excellent structure, flavour and velvety tannins.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

A reasonable winter, with average to heavy rains in October, November, December and February, but a rather dry January, March and April. The winter was not unduly cold, very few frosts, and in March the weather was so good our teams were working in the vineyards in shirtsleeves. The fine weather held through April and well into May, bringing on the vines quite well, but later in May cool, overcast weather and some rain disrupted the fruit set. Cool weather and more rain delayed pintor (colour change) from the usual mid/late July into August.

On the other hand, because of the mild weather, polyphenolic development was good – temperatures over 35° actually cause the vines to shut down the work of ripening, but in the absence of that kind of heat, the vines carried on splendidly. At the very end of August we had just a bit of rain, which is nearly always welcome around that time, to soften the skins for harvest.

Picking started later than usual, at Warre’s Quinta de Telhada on the 10th September. Quinta do Vesuvio on the 14th. Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos started on the 17th and Dow’s Bomfim on the 24th. Warre’s Quinta da Cavadinha, always one of the last to start harvesting due to its unique position, started on the 27th September.

Winemaker's Overview

The cool nights these last few weeks have been ideal for polyphenolic development, which reached unsually high levels as early as 20th August.

Charles Symington
End August 2007

We are now reaching the final days of the vintage here at Quinta do Bomfim, it is another beautiful clear day with mild temperatures, we have become so used to this type of weather over the last 6 weeks that we have almost started to take this for granted. One feels very fortunate to have had near perfect conditions throughout this vintage allowing us to produce some very promising wines

Charles Symington
15 October 2007

A very good vintage has been completed in the Douro, this is likely to prove one of the exceptional years where the weather combines with the work of the viticulturists and the winemakers to produce some very special wines.

There is no doubt that the Douro valley has produced some exceptional Ports and Douro DOC wines this year and their evolution in vat and cask over the coming months will be followed with great interest.

Paul Symington
18 October 2007

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