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1995 Vintage

Not widely declared, as following on the heels of 1994. Excellent single quinta wines produced, however.

In his harvest report, James Symington commented, “…it will be interesting in the coming months to assess the relative development of these two [1994 and 1995] splendid years.”

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

The viticultural year began auspiciously with a good wet winter. March and April brought fine and unseasonably hot weather, which caused an early and prolific budding and considerable early growth. Unfortunately this came to an end with a sharp cold snap, even some severe frosts which adversely affected the flowering on the highlands.

Mid May through July were relatively mild, and intense heat really only set into the Douro in August, with many days around 35°C, and even some up to 40°C, and temperatures remained high through early September. The heatwave was causing some anxiety about the condition of the grapes, and a few farmers panicked and began picking as early as late August.

Those who waited were rewarded. The weather broke on 5 September with over an inch of rain falling in the Cima Corgo over the course of three days. Grapes picked after the rain made substantially better wines: slightly desiccated grapes swelled with the additional moisture and skins softened, allowing for better extractions of flavour and colour. From the 10th September the weather was dry, clear and sunny with cool nights, ideal for harvest.

All the top quintas had finished by 26th September, the harvest on each having lasted about two weeks.

Winemaker's Overview

All our finest Quintas, Vesuvio, Graham’s Malvedos, Warre’s Cavadinha and Dow’s Bomfim, have produced excellent wines. Sugar readings were exceptionally high throughout the Douro and thus remarkably rich wines have been made. Bouquet and flavour are outstanding and colour is magnificent in all but the wines made earliest.

James Symington
3 October 1995

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