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Warre's 1994

Release Notes

The 1994 Vintage is in the classic style with firm but subtle tannins, plenty of grip and the typical 'cistus' nose so closely associated to Warre.  The wines show every indication of being extremely long lived. 

Alcohol by volume v/v (20º C): 20%
Total Acidity g/l tartaric acid: 4,80
Baumé: 3,4

Tasting Notes


International Wine Challenge (competition) source
2013 tasting note year

Score:  Bronze Medal

Roy Hersh critic source
2010 tasting note year

Simply put this is one of the truly great Warre's produced in modern times. It is essentially an exuberant, young and massively fruited wine and at the same time, so very approachable that it is easy to perceive this as elegant.  Yet the underlying structural components are profound and this fine VP will drink well for another 3-4 decades.  It just may be my all time favorite Port by this producer.  Lush boysenberry fruit is packed tightly and although "concentrated" doesn't quite aptly express how vibrant and densely fruited this wine is, the seductive come hither nature along with the suave tannins provide for one delicious drink.  If you don't own any yet, you really should seek out some of this fabulous juice.

Score: 95+/100

SFE Tasting Room Team critic

SFE source
2006 tasting note year

Excellent deep colour. Very scented, with a luscious and concentrated black berry fruit nose, combined with seductive floral hints. Rich and supple fruit flavours on the palate and a backbone of firm tannins. Finishes with superb richness and impressive length.


International Wine Challenge (competition) source
2003 tasting note year

Despite the nine years of maturity, the Warre’s 94 shows a youth and vibrancy as well as minty, eucalyptus notes and more developed raisiny, leathery complexity. There are many years ahead for this wine, if you can wait.

Score: Gold Medal

Serena Sutcliffe MW critic

A Century of Vintage Port (booklet, Sutcliffe, 2002 Sotheby's) source
2002 tasting note year

Almost a cherry nose, with a whiff of Seville oranges. Great tar and liquorice. The alcohol comes through at the end at the moment. Recently another bottle displayed that real Warre Seville oranges nose. Alcohol, tar and bitter oranges on the taste. Less luscious than most this year - seemingly more dry. Then the liquorice falls in at the end.

Clive Coates MW critic

The Vine (magazine) source
2001 tasting note year

Fine colour. Very lovely nose. Excellent fruit here. Finely balanced and very elegant. Fullish body. Rich. Slightly raw as Warre often is. Sweet. Good tannins. Lovely long finish. This is fine.

Score: 17.5/20

Robert Parker critic

Wine Advocate (magazine) source
1996 tasting note year

One of the finest Warre’s I have ever tasted, this opaque purple-coloured wine is made in a drier style, yet it is expressive, extremely full-bodied, with superb richness, purity, and well-integrated alcohol and tannin. It possesses a great mid-palate as well as impressive length. Tasters should note of the wealth of peppery, liquorice-scented and flavoured raspberry and blackcurrant fruit. This is a profound example of Warre vintage port.

Score: 94+/100

Michael Broadbent MW critic

Vintage Wine (book, Broadbent, 2002) source
1996 tasting note year

The most intensely dark of all the Symington's '94s.  Very sweet, lovely flavour, perfect balance, good length.

Score: 5 Stars

More about Warre's

To learn more about Warre's here on The Vintage Port Site, read a concise Profile of the Warre's Brand, and detailed viticultural profiles of the three key Warre's properties, Quinta da Cavadinha, Quinta do Retiro Antigo and Quinta da Telhada.  If you would like to learn even more about Warre's history and the full range of Ports styles offered, visit the Warre's website.

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