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No vintage wines declared or bottled from the year 1993

1993 Vintage

No vintage wines declared. One of the few years even the port shippers themselves refer to as a disaster.   At some quintas the production was down to half the usual.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

Peter Symington’s summary of the viticultural year is succinct and worth quoting in full:

In the last 30 years I don’t think we have had such adverse weather conditions in a viticultural year. It hardly rained between the end of the 1992 Vintage and the end of March 1993. At that stage, we foresaw serious water shortages for the Summer months.

The Spring came with heavy rain falling throughout April, May and June, and temperatures well below average. The budding was below average and the flowering was badly affected by the rain causing desavinho (abortion of the flowering and fruit set) and eventually mildew and a certain amount of oidium.

July and August just didn’t produce the usual hot weather, again temperatures were below average with very few days reaching the upper thirties, so usual in the Douro at that time of year.

The worst aspect was still to come. Rain started on the 7th September and went on throughout the month till eventually tired of waiting for good weather we started the vintage on the 27th September.

Intensive rain fell throughout the vintage day and night and never left the Douro until the 18th October, ironically the last day of the vintage. In all my working years, I can’t remember such appalling weather during a vintage.

Vintage began late, 27th at Vesuvio and Malvedos, Lages (in the Rio Torto valley) on 30th, Bomfim 1st October and Rio Torto generally and Cavadinha on 4th October.

Winemaker's Overview

In spite of all this we were pleasantly surprised with the graduations in the first two weeks… The colour of the must was reasonably good and some quite good wine should have been made.

Fortunately not very much rot set in, so in spite of the wines being light in character they should be sound especially as they fermented at rather low temperatures…

Peter Symington
25 November 1993

Without a doubt, the worst Vintage weather-wise in living memory – mine anyway, and this is my 46th consecutive one! … By the second week of October the Vintage nowhere was half way completed, and the rain really set in and incidence of rot on the bunches increased greatly.

Michael D Symington
14 October 1993

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