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1985 Vintage

A great classic Vintage, with concentrated, rich and potent wines. General declaration.

Great quality wines with intense aromas of concentrated fruit and firm tannins, rich and full-bodied wines.  Many should age well for decades.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

1985 was a model year for the growth of the vines. A wet winter followed by a moderate spring led into an extremely warm June and a hot July and August.

Harvest took place under perfect weather conditions, and the fermentations went well also. From the very start shippers were predicting outstanding wines.

Winemaker's Overview

Heavy rain since early November, looks like the first wet winter for four years. 12-13 November 1984

It rained throughout this cold and wintery Easter weekend: vines now two weeks behind-hand. Snow reported from Serra da Estrela. 3-10 April 1985

Very hot, up to 32-37° C each day, nights never below 20° C. Vines looking splendid, but a little rain now would be very welcome. 19-20 June 1985

Never can the grapes have been gathered under better weather conditions than this 1985 vintage now in its last stages. 1985 Vintage will surely prove outstanding. What a pity that only 95,000 pipes were "authorised" this year. All in all, we have every reason to be extremely pleased with the 1985 vintage which has undoubtedly produced well above average quality wines throughout the region. 16 October 1985

Michael D Symington

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