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1982 Vintage

Only a dozen major shippers declared, notable abstentions being Cockburn and Warre, with Graham’s bottling a Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

Some frost damage in early May in fringe areas, otherwise by end August vineyards looking very healthy.

No rain from early June until 28th August. Heavy rain that weekend had such great effect that then-current estimates for the harvest start date were brought forward 10 to 14 days! This was followed by excessive heat (38° in the shade at Pinhão) and rather oppressive thundery conditions in the first half of September.

Picking in Rio Torto and Pinhão started generally 13 September, with the grapes in perfect condition and graduations of 13° to 14°. From 16 September temperatures dropped into the upper 20° s and although the weather continued a bit unsettled sugar levels remained high. On 10 October bright sunshine and warmer temperatures returned for the last few days of the harvest.


The first few days of harvest, before the temperatures broke, grapes were coming into the lagares at 28°-29° - leaving not much room for working the wines before reaching the “danger” level of 31° . After 16 September fermentations proceeded at much more ideal temperature conditions.

Winemaker's Overview

The 1982 Vintage has certainly produced wines of above average quality from every point of view…

Michael D Symington
22 October 1982

There can be no doubt that taken as a whole and across the whole spectrum of qualities from the Upper to the Lower Douro, the 1982 Vintage has certainly produced wines of above average quality from every point of view, including that of a very considerably above average sugar content of the grapes, thanks to the very welcome rain that fell throughout the whole district over the weekend of the 28th/29th August … which allowed the grapes to swell and the juice to convert into a higher degree of sugar than has been seen for several years.

Paul D Symington
22 October 1982

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