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See details of the wines declared or bottled from the year 1977:

1977 Vintage

A classic Vintage, concentrated, long-lasting and complex. Declared by all the major Port houses.

Very well structured and balanced wines, marked by strong tannins, these wines have great elegance and staying power. The best wines have the tannin and structure to age for decades. The nose on the best wines is extremely elegant, with traces of cinnamon giving an attractive tone.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

Except one brief spell in July, extraordinarily cool and unsettled weather the entire summer, flowering in June marred by desavinho (abortion of flowers and poor fruit set).  By late August development in best areas was behind, but up in “Altos” late by as much as 3 to 4 weeks.

The first fortnight of September was hot and dry, which was an immense help to the vines. This was followed by some beneficial rain and prospects for the vintage improved substantially.

Quinta das Lages in the Rio Torto started picking on the 26th September, Zimbro (near Tua) 27th, Bomfim the 28th, the Rio Torto generally on the 29th and up in the “Altos” picking started as late as 10 October. Two days of rain interrupted picking on the 7th and 8th October, but little harm was done to the grapes, and there after, though cooler, the weather was clear. Grapes continued to come into Bomfim as late as 30th October.


Graduations were on the low side but the colour and flavour was excellent.

Winemaker's Overview

A very hot two weeks (35-36° C daily) with little or no wind has had a dramatic effect on the wines: at Bomfim sugar testing on 1st September gave 10.5 - by 8th it had risen to 11.5 and is now over 12. If the hot weather holds, the prospects for a good quality Vintage are much improved. 12-14 September 1977

Overall wine production in Portugal is some 50% down on average, and the quality too, not outstanding, but in the Douro we have been fortunate and certainly good average wines have been made, and it is thought a few outstanding lotes (batches) will emerge. 2 November 1977

Michael D Symington

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