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Warre's 1975

Tasting Notes

Satisfied customer critic

Personal Communication source
2015 tasting note year

Just a quick note to compliment you on the quality of a bottle of Vintage Port we finally got around to opening last weekend for my 60th Birthday.

Around 32 or 33 years ago, we bought a bottle of 1975 Warre's Vintage Port for a celebratory dinner. Unfortunately we ended up forgetting to drink it at the dinner and put it back into the wine rack.

There it lay, at the bottom of the rack, occasionally being discovered eliciting comments such as 'We must drink this soon' only to forget again. For many years it lived at the bottom of the rack, watching dozens of bottles of LBV and hundreds of bottles of Bordeaux come and go; through three house moves; people of all ages coming and going; summers of extreme heat and winters of intense cold (especially when the boiler broke down late one November) until last weekend when, finally, it surfaced.

OK, I admit it was with some trepidation that we opened the bottle and decanted it very carefully; with a bottle of LBV ready as a substitute if required. This 40 year old however was good, indeed very good, and was thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. It may have been well past its 'Drink By' date and showing some signs of age but it was delicious all the same and made my day.

Serena Sutcliffe MW critic

A Century of Vintage Port (booklet, Sutcliffe, 2002 Sotheby's) source
2002 tasting note year

The nose can be a touch volatile - the fruit is not supported by the structure.  Sweet finish.  Pretty.  Drink now.

Michael Broadbent MW critic

Vintage Wine (book, Broadbent, 2002) source
2001 tasting note year

More notes than any other, nearly 20 since 1980. One can trace its change in appearance from opaque in 1977, plummy in 1980, less deep but still fairly plummy in 1983, a touch of red in 1987 and in 1988 medium, mature, with a weak tawny rim. In parallel, the nose has changed from a youthfully stalky, spirity characer, developing fragrance in the mid-1980s, and, latterly, a refreshing citrus lean, fruity character. On the palate it has ranged from sweet full and rich, through an elegant attractive ten-year stage to a touch of leanness, losing weight, still sweet, some elegance but lacking the body finesse and length of a really good vintage.

Score: 3 Stars

James Suckling critic

Vintage Port (book, Suckling, 1990) source
1988 tasting note year

Although this wine has attractive mature aromas, it is beginning to dry out.  Medium red with a light red rim, chocolate and perfume aromas, light-bodied, with sweet dried cherry flavours and a light finish.

More about Warre's

To learn more about Warre's here on The Vintage Port Site, read a concise Profile of the Warre's Brand, and detailed viticultural profiles of the three key Warre's properties, Quinta da Cavadinha, Quinta do Retiro Antigo and Quinta da Telhada.  If you would like to learn even more about Warre's history and the full range of Ports styles offered, visit the Warre's website.

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