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No vintage wines declared or bottled from the year 1974

1974 Vintage

Not declared.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

Average rainfall over the winter, and ideal spring and summer conditions. One week of steady heavy rains at the end of June but this was followed by dry hot July and August, and September was a bit cooler than normal, but no further rain fell.

Harvest began at Bomfim 26th September and in the Rio Torto 30th September under ideal conditions. Yields were near or at record levels in the Upper Douro.

Sugar graduations not particularly high, and fermenting temperatures were low, but regular and the weather continued fine and dry, with warm rather than hot days to the end. Nights were much colder than usual, which contributed to the slow fermentations.

Winemaker's Overview

Colour appears to have been excellent everywhere and seldom can a Vintage have been made from such uniformly sound and healthy grapes with not a trace of rot or mould from start to finish.

While it is of course too early to say if the best Quintas have produced a ‘Vintage 1974’, certainly there is nothing to indicate that anything except very fine wines have been made, but what is an absolute certainty is that even ‘middle class’ districts have produced outstandingly good wines, well above average, and the overall 1974 Port Wine Vintage must prove to be one of the best for very many years, and will go a long way to make up for the frankly rather ‘light’ wines of recent vintages.

Michael D Symington
23 October 1974

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