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1967 Vintage

Some excellent wines were produced, Vintage Ports were declared by a few shippers, Cockburn and Martinez among those who preferred this to their 1966s.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

Not much real heat in August or September, the grapes were a bit backward and the harvest later than usual, with river quintas and most of the Rio Torto starting on the 20th September, Madalena on the 22nd and Bom Retiro on the 28th. Barring a few brief showers the 28th/29th September, the weather held warm and sunny through the end of October, which certainly benefitted the later-harvested grapes.


Fermentations were steady and cool. Graduations steadily improved over the course of the harvest, initial readings of 12°/12.5° at Madalena and Retiro rising to 13.5°/14°.

Winemaker's Overview

To sum up the 1967 Vintage, there can be little doubt that it all started a little too early in the best areas (for fear of the rain which had marred the cutting of our last three Vintages) and rather ‘fresh’ wines should result, but from all the ‘middle class’ areas excellent and sound wines will have been made, probably above average in quality. Quantity was however low as in 1966.

Michael D Symington
October 1967

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