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Dow's 1966

Alcohol by volume v/v (20º C): 21%
Total Acidity g/l tartaric acid: 3,90
Baumé: 3,5

Tasting Notes

Axel Probst critic

World of Fine Wine source
2016 tasting note year
One of the superstars of 1966. Unbelievably fresh and youthful color. Balanced, spicy palate, with some residual sugar, chocolate and great complexity. Precise palate, mineral, with milk chocolate and red-berry fruit. Long, multilayered finish. This will easily see its 100th birthday. 98.

SFE Tasting Room Team critic

SFE source
2006 tasting note year

After more than four decades, this wine has reached full maturity but still has plenty of structure and balance for extended ageing for many years to come. For the first 20 years of its life, this 1966 showed great depth of fruit, supporting the fruit were strong tannins and good acidity. This is clearly seen in the excellent wine that we taste today. The fruit is still present but balanced with long almond and caramel flavours, the result of long years gently maturing in bottle. The colour has faded to a soft red/golden hue. The nose is complex, rich and long. The powerful nature of this year has suited the Dow style admirably. Dow’s tends to be a shade drier than other Vintage Ports, this slightly ‘austere’ style fits well with the years when there is an abundance of ripe fruit flavours in the wine.

Serena Sutcliffe MW critic

A Century of Vintage Port (booklet, Sutcliffe, 2002 Sotheby's) source
2002 tasting note year

Subtle, fruity, even cedary nose.  Roast almonds.  Coffee and mocha on the palate.  Lots of super damsons - fruity and long-lasting.  Beautifully constructed and with this balance it will be indestructible.  Dow made an exceptional wine this year.

James Suckling critic

Wine Spectator (magazine) source
1999 tasting note year

This is an extremely racy and totally harmonious Vintage Port, with wonderful fresh aromas of flowers, fruit and berries. Full-bodied, with a sweet yet firm palate. Long, long finish. Super.

Score: 94/100

Clive Coates MW critic

The Vine (magazine) source
1999 tasting note year

Fullish colour. No undue age. Full, rich and profound. Fresh and classy and on the dry side. Very fine quality here. Subtle. Multi-dimensional. Bags of life. Very lovely.

Score: 19/20

Michael Broadbent MW critic

Vintage Wine (book pub 2002) source
1998 tasting note year

At Dow’s Bicentenary tasting in 1998, a well-nigh perfect bottle, fragrant, very sweet yet with a Dow dry finish.

Score: 5 Stars

Michael Broadbent MW critic

Decanter (magazine) source
1993 tasting note year

An attractive harmonious almost creamy bouquet, more flesh and body, also with citrus-like zest. My top mark of the dozen 1966’s.

James Suckling critic

Vintage Port (book, Suckling, 1990) source
1989 tasting note year

An extremely sound wine with focused fruit flavours and great class and breeding.  Deep ruby, with floral, grapy aromas, full-bodied, with rather hard tannins, well-knit cherry and berry flavours and a long finish.

Score: 94/100

Robert Parker critic

Wine Advocate (magazine) source
1989 tasting note year

The 1966 [Dow's] is a top success for that vintage; in fact, it would be hard to find a better port from that year.

Score: 88/100

More about Dow's

To learn more about Dow's here on The Vintage Port Site, read a brief Profile of the Dow's Brand, and detailed viticultural profiles of the two key Dow's properties, Quinta do Bomfim and Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira.  If you would like to learn even more about Dow's history and the full range of Ports styles offered, visit the Dow's website.

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