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See details of the wines declared or bottled from the year 1964:

1964 Vintage

A challenging year, no declarations, a few single quinta wines bottled.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

Rain and thunderstorms at the end of July were followed by a hot, dry August. Vines which previously had been rather backward caught up and were “all looking splendid” [Michael D Symington] in late August. The wished-for last little bit of rain to freshen the grapes before harvest did not materialise, instead temperatures were quite high, 102° F at one point.

Harvest began at Bomfim 21st September, Sra da Ribeira and Rio Torto quintas on 26th and in general on 28th in better districts, with cooler districts not starting till 1st to 5th October. Weather fluctuated during the picking period, from hot the first week to periods of cool and overcast, then hot again, and even a few heavy showers that stopped picking in some areas.


Fermenting temperatures early in the harvest were high in the lagares, but considerably cooler – as much as 6° C cooler – in the new cubas de fermentação (fermentation vats) at Bomfim. Sugar readings throughout the vintage were good and higher than the previous year.

Winemaker's Overview

The grapes are looking splendid and the prospects for 1964 are good both in regards to quality and quantity. The grapes are a little burnt due to great heat latterly and a little rain within the next 2 or 3 days would help to freshen up the grapes.

James Symington
September 1964 [before harvest started]

The forecasting of the quality of this year’s wines is a difficult and open question, as rarely have weather conditions varied to such extremes during a vintage. It would appear however that while some wines will probably turn out very well and above average quality, the best and hottest districts should vary considerably, some probably showing very well according to when they were vintaged.

Ronald A Symington
October 1964

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