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1963 Vintage

A monumental Vintage of legendary proportions that needs no introduction. One of the 20th Century's finest. A Vintage Port against which all others are judged. Declared by all the major Port Houses.

Ready to drink now, but the best wines will last for many more decades if well cellared.

Power, dimension and real character are all hallmarks of this most memorable Vintage. Even after more than 45 years the best wines never fail to impress with their essential three components of fruit, tannin and elegance. 1963s almost always appear to be younger than they really are.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

A typical winter with rain and snow. It began to dry out at the end of April, the vines showing promise already. It was cold and wet until the middle of June, when a sudden hot spell at the end of June caused a little desavinho (abortion of flowering and fruit set), but it cooled off again.  July and August were fine, with very dry weather and there was just enough rain, perfectly timed, on 10 September to freshen up the grapes.

Picking started 19th to 25th September in perfect weather.  The weather continued absolutely perfect, right to the end of harvest, 20th October when the last grapes came in from the high, cool districts.

Winemaker's Overview

Vines looking very nice, but have suffered a little desavinho (abortion of the grape flowers) owing to the heat, which has come suddenly this last week. If weather continues favourably without too much intense heat, prospects for the coming vintage are still very good. Much will depend on the coming 8-10 critical weeks before the vintage.

Ronald A Symington
25 June 1963

The drought that had lasted since Whitsun broke on the morning of the 10th September with three hours steady rains. This was followed by several heavy thundery showers on the 11th, all of which has done a great deal of good. Now fine weather is required until the vintage.

Michael D Symington
16 September 1963

Wonderful weather for the last three weeks, which was just what was required after the rain. The last weeks of the most perfect weather cleared up any podre (rot) that was threatening. Mostos (musts) look very nice indeed and seem to have plenty of colour even if perhaps lacking a little in guts. Graduations on the whole are very good and the grapes, especially in the early part of the vintage, produced a great deal of wine. Nights have been cool and temperatures have been very satisfactory. We have every hope that some very good wines will have been made.

Ronald A Symington
15 October 1963

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