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See details of the wines declared or bottled from the year 1958:

1958 Vintage

A good year with some fragrant and delicate Vintage Ports, despite the rather damp weather conditions throughout. Declared by some but not all the major Port houses.

Most 1958s are still very pleasant to drink and should continue to age gracefully. Aromatic and elegant wines, now with a gentle tawny coloour. The best still have good fruit and balance.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

The first half of March was dry and sunny, but the second half brought gales and rain. April was cold and then the weather was fairly typical for the time of year until June, which was hot and with the highest rainfall experienced since 1896 (which was an outstanding year for Port).

July was sunny and fine, the first half of August was fine and hot, but later in the month it turned cold and rainy. September started with an unsettled patch, but this was followed by a week of hot dry weather just before harvest.  Showers off and on during the harvest period occasionally were heavy enough to stop picking. The bad weather was general throughout the Douro.

Picking started 18th September at Zimbro with excellent musts, very good colour. Bomfim, which started on the 25th, made wines which needed a lot of work, though graduations were high, mostly around 13.5° - 14° but rising to 15° and even 16° on one or two occasions.

Winemaker's Overview

The grapes generally speaking are looking very healthy and nice.

John D Symington
12 September 1958

Throughout the vintage the weather was most unfavourable with showers of rain which developed some of the days into continual pouring rain causing the picking on several occasions to come to a stop. The lagares took quite a lot of work. I think possibly in the better districts some quite good wines will be made but I very much doubt if any will be outstanding. The quantity generally is very much less than was expected, Bomfim producing about 54 pipes which is the lowest production for very many years.

Ronald A Symington
5 October 1958

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