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See details of the wines declared or bottled from the year 1955:

1955 Vintage

One of the most underrated Vintages of the 20th Century. Declared by most of the major Port houses, 26 shippers, the most since 1927. The best wines since 1948

Outstanding fruity wines for long-term ageing, a real pleasure to drink now, the best will last well into the 21st Century if well cellared. Superbly balanced wines, fruity, smooth and concentrated.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

After the February rain there was a heatwave in April and the first half of May, which was followed by rain. The vines flowered well and had the benefit of further rain in June. July was satisfactory and August hot, with the grapes in good condition.

Vintage started 19th September at Bomfim and many of the hotter districts. Fine, warm weather throughout vintage, with one night of heavy rain, which freshened the grapes nicely for those still picking.


Lagares took a very fair amount of work, with graduations of 14° to 15°, temperatures a bit on the high side occasionally, but on the whole not high enough to cause any anxiety.

Winemaker's Overview

Vines looking wonderful, both bunches and grapes are much larger than last year. A few showers between now and the vintage should produce an excellent 1955.

Ronald Symington
15 August 1955

After a week of great heat the weather in the first days of September has turned much cooler and the Upper Douro has enjoyed heavy thunder showers. If conditions continue as they are, the 19th should be a good starting date.

Maurice Symington
7 September 1955

The production at Bomfim was most disappointing as shortly before the vintage we had hoped to get about 80 pipes but owing chiefly to the heat and the East winds we had during the last three weeks, the quantity dwindled to 67 pipes.

The musts on the whole were very pleasant and generally speaking the later lagares were better than the earlier ones. We think some very good wines should be made as the colour generally was good and they were also very nice on the nose and palate.

Ronald Symington
28 September 1955

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