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See details of the wines declared or bottled from the year 1953:

1953 Vintage

Not widely declared, a handful of single quinta wines bottled.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

Nascença (fruitset) had been large, but the year long severe drought reduced the size of bunches and size of the grapes themselves, many grapes ‘raisinning’ without ever achieving full ripeness. Bomfim particularly suffered from a thunderstorm and hail in June. The same storm was felt at Sra da Ribeira (approx 30 km upstream) but did not do as much damage.

Rainfall a few days before vintage “did an incalculable amount of good” and weather throughout the vintage was perfect. Harvest started 16th September at Zimbro and 21st at Bomfim and Senhora da Ribeira. Vintage lasted a few days longer than usual due to the need for rigorous escolha (selection) to remove the burnt and shrivelled grapes from the bunches. Musts at Bomfim, Zimbro and Ribeira were generally 12.5° to 13°, and those from the Rio Torto generally higher, at 14° to 14.5°.

Winemaker's Overview

The musts showed a certain degree of greeness due no doubt to the intense heat which shrivelled a great many of the bunches of grapes before they reached their full ripeness. This greeness however should be quite useful as our quinta wines are inclined normally to be rather burnt and over ripe as a rule. The mostos (musts) on the whole were quite pleasant and had a fair amount of colour but lacked flavour and firmness.

The production at the Quintas was approximately as follows: Bomfim 69 pipes, Zimbro 27 pipes and Sra da Ribeira 60 pipes. At Bomfim we filled 8.5 lagares, which shows how little the grapes were producing.

The weather throughout the vintage was perfect and the temperatures in the lagares just what was required, and as the grapes were free of disease the Coronation vintage may turn out well, or at any rate better than expected.

Ronald A Symington
October 1953

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