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See details of the wines declared or bottled from the year 1952:

1952 Vintage

Not declared, a few quinta wines made.

Winemaker's Overview

The vintage started at all three quintas [Bomfim, Zimbro and Sra da Ribeira] on 25th September. The mostos (musts) have on the whole good colour and they are certainly better than we had expected, as the weather conditions throughout the year had been most unfavourable. The rain we had about a month before the vintage followed by good weather improved matters beyond all expectation. The grapes “rendered” very well and we got a great deal more at Bomfim than we had expected, 94 pipes, only two pipes less than last year. All the lagares took a lot of work and the sweetness of the lagrima (literally, tears, referring to the musts) was around about 13.5°.

The mostos (musts) are less green than last year and have perhaps more colour but they have none of the usual burnt flavour of our “Quinta” wines. The mostos are clean and nice and may turn out very useful wines but they seem to lack the firmness and grip which is the usual characterisic of our Quinta mostos.

In the Rio Torto the grapes were wonderful and in perfect condition when they came to the lagares. The mostos were little greener than our mostos here, but they also had good colour.

Ronald A Symington
October 1952

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