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Graham's 1945

Release Notes

Blended from wines sourced from Quinta dos Malvedos and Quinta das Lages as well as a small number of other top vineyards in the Pinhão and Rio Torto valleys.  Very small production, no more than 115 pipes, which would be 6,700 9 litre cases today.  Contrary to the usual practice of shipping in pipes for bottling at destination, the 1945 was bottled entirely here in Gaia, due to the shortage of glass in England after the war.

Alcohol by volume v/v (20º C): 21%
Total Acidity g/l tartaric acid: 3,90
Baumé: 3,8

Tasting Notes

Axel Probst critic

World of Fine Wine source
2015 tasting note year

Like the Fonseca, a very deep red color, with an even more intense core. Complex chocolate and red-berry fruit on the nose, very strong but well balanced. The palate reveals coffee, raspberries, and milk chocolate, slightly medicinal. Strong, long, and persistent aftertaste. Now to 2050.

Neal Martin critic

Robert Parker source
2015 tasting note year

The Graham 1945 Vintage Port is a majestic thing. This example was bottled by W. & J. Graham & Co. in Oporto in 1947. It has a clear, almost lucid deep tawny colour. The nose is elegant, lace-like, refined with clove and spice box scents, dried blood with a subtle ferrous note. It is very delineated and poised. The palate is beautifully balanced with nigh perfect acidity, almost Burgundian in texture, poised with notes of raspberry preserve, dried apricot, a slight warmth of alcohol and bay leaf on the long sustained finish. It is a great Vintage Port befitting this great year. Tasted May 2015.

Score: 97 points

Michael Broadbent MW critic

Decanter (magazine) source
2012 tasting note year

Graham's 1945 is consistently, in my experience, the best of that magnificent vintage. ... The 1945 was fully mature, amber rim, pungent yet fragrant, still sweet, fabulous flavour and interminable length.  An appropriate, much appreciated five-star Port.

Score: 5 Stars

SFE Tasting Room Team critic

SFE source
2006 tasting note year

After more than half a century, Graham's 1945 is still a revelation. The wine has tremendous concentration and still shows signs of youth. Pale golden in colour with a rich cinnamon nose. Hints of coffee and caramel merge with soft fruit flavours, all in perfect and mature harmony. Magnificent. An example that all other Vintage Ports must match to earn top status.

Serena Sutcliffe MW critic

A Century of Vintage Port (booklet, Sutcliffe, 2002 Sotheby's) source
2002 tasting note year

Great colour. Unbelievable young plums on the nose. Plums, tar and roses. Musky. Such extraordinary glycerol, youth and fruit.  Utterly hedonistic and voluptuous. So rich and treacley. It is just like eating fruit. Another bottle had such a fresh red fruit nose and was extraordinarily rich, alcoholic and strong, allied to sheer, petal-like sweet fruit. Always amazing.

Michael Broadbent MW critic

Vintage Wine (book pub 2002) source
1989 tasting note year

Outstandingly the loveliest '45. First noted, "undeveloped" in 1960 and in 1982 "at peak but 10-15 years of life"! Many consistently good notes. Deep-coloured, fairly intense, lively, attractive, long "legs", immediately forthcoming fragrance, spice, sweetness and fruit masking high alcoholic content. The sweetest of the eleven '45s tasted in Florida in 1989 and outstandingly the best.

Score: 5 Stars

James Suckling critic

Vintage Port (book, Suckling, 1990) source
1989 tasting note year

What the 1948 has in power, the 1945 has in finesse.  It is still very concentrated but extremely well balanced and mellow.  Medium ruby with a garnet edge, ripe plum aromas, medium-bodied, with plenty of elegant, delicate plum flavours and a balance of rounded tannins on the finish.

Score: 95/100

More about Graham's

To learn more about Graham's here on The Vintage Port Site, read a concise Profile of the Graham's Brand, and detailed viticultural profiles of four of the key Graham's properties:  Quinta dos Malvedos, Quinta do Tua, Quinta das Lages and Quinta da Vila Velha.  If you would like to learn even more about Graham's history and the full range of Ports styles offered, visit the Graham's website.  Finally, if you will be in Porto, be sure to visit us at the Graham's Lodge across the river in Vila Nova de Gaia for a tour and tasting.

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