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1945 Vintage

A superlative Vintage, the quality in the Douro Valley reflecting that of most other growing regions in Europe. This wine is one of the superb 'reference years' by which all other Vintages are judged. Declared by all the major Port houses, Cockburn being the one exception. Superb quality, small quantity. Notable for being the first vintage to be widely bottled in Portugal.

This Vintage has been fully mature for years, but well cellared, the best wines will last for decades.

Full-bodied wines with fantastic structure, these are wonderful long lasting wines. After more than half a century the best 45's continue to be a revelation: elegant, still with fruit and backed by tannin. These wines are the example that all other Vintage Ports must match to earn top year status.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

It was a dry year, with a very hot summer; it only rained at the very end of August. Weather conditions were perfect for a very early harvest at the beginning of September. The quantity was low, less than 1 kg of grapes per vine in the Upper Douro, but the quality was superb.

Winemaker's Overview

The vintage started on September 6th. The weather throughout was exceptionally hot. In spite of the heat it was only during two days that high temperatures were registered in the lagares, and the precautions had to be taken. The mostos (musts) seem quite good and the colour fairly good.

Ronald A Symington
17 September 1945

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