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1927 Vintage

A truly majestic Vintage, 1927 was one of the classic Vintages of the 20th Century, with poise and class.  Declared by all of the major Port houses.

Outstanding wines, which will last for years if well cellared.  The wines continue to improve after 75 years and may well continue to do so even after 100.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

Rain in July and August was followed by fine hot weather that burned some of the grapes.  In September there was hardly any heat or sun during the day and the evenings were cool. 

Just before 28 September some rain fell which did no harm.  In October, just as the harvest was beginning on the 3rd, there were 10 days of fine weather which transformed the situation.  The late harvest meant that the grapes were very ripe, and the quality was outstanding. 

Winemaker's Overview

In the Quintas and other good districts, grapes were exceptionally far advanced at the end of July; during August they ripened more slowly, but without any serious check, so that they are today just about correct for the time of year.  Vintage on 3rd October?  Quantity is not abundant, but condition so far is excellent, promising good wine, but less than average yield.
Maurice Symington
7-9 September 1927

Saw the samples at Pinhão. 1927s and Quinta wines excellent. The altos (high vineyards) have turned out very well and should prove most useful, the majority being clean, firm wines.
Maurice Symington
11 December 1927

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