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See details of the wines declared or bottled from the year 1904:

1904 Vintage

Declared by most of the major Port shippers, 1904 was an outstanding Vintage, not particularly deep in colour now, but well-balanced and delicate.  Another great classic Vintage Port.

Fine, delicate wines, which have developed into an old tawny style while being able to keep their excellent reputation throughout. A very great wine in structure and excellence.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

The winter of 1903-1904 was long and very wet with some frost.  April and June, however, were favourable, and flowering and fruit set were most successful.  The year was generally dry and there was intense heat in July and August, but rain at the beginning and middle of September was very beneficial for the quality of the grapes.

Yields were abundant with quality the best since 1900. Observers commented they had never seen the Douro vineyards present such a luxurious appearance as they did in August 1904.

Harvest began 19th September and the weather was perfect, cool and a few showers. The majority of grapes were picked in excellent condition.


Fermentations slow, many mostos (musts) showed 13º.

Winemaker's Overview

Vintage was general on the 19th. Rain on the 13th and 18th completely altered the outlook, and in a few days the grapes which had been parched and dry filled out to such an extent that a better vintage will not have been made for many years. The weather throughout was quite perfect.
George Warre
20 September 1904

Grapes looking excellent, promising a first-rate yield, to follow 1878.  Very choice bouquet.  Perfect vintage weather and perfect grapes. 
John Warre
24 September 1904

Wines very backward through, no doubt, the heat, which continued after the vintage. 1904's may lack a bit of colour but no one can complain of their not having plenty of aroma.
Amyas Warre
9-13 December 1904

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