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See details of the wines declared or bottled from the year 1901:

1901 Vintage

Not a generally declared year, but useful Lodge wines produced, and Graham's 1901 was produced.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

Very cold winter, backward start to the year with the vines 3 weeks behind normal, though weather in May was "fine and fresh."  Heat in July was noted at Bomfim as "splendid for vines but unpleasant for humans 94º in shade at 4 pm." 

Considerable rain fell in early September, but then cleared and "the most perfect weather for Vintage purposes set in."  Harvest began 23rd September, and finished in Pinhão on 5th October.


The fermentation was very equable and the lagares took plenty of work.

Winemaker's Overview

Not having been present during the vintage, its result was all the more interesting to me at this period and I can safely say that for many years, in fact ever since we adopted the present system of making lots at the Quintas, has the "lotta" been more easy to make. The wines are all perfectly clear and as far as I can see free from defects.... The weather since and during the vintage has been all that could be desired. Hard frosts at night and beautiful days of brilliant sunshine.
Amyas Warre
28 November 1901

The 1901s continue to merit favourable opinion and promise well for the future.
Amyas Warre
8 March 1902

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