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See details of the wines declared or bottled from the year 1900:

1900 Vintage

Almost all shippers declared Vintage, the wines generally showing "great delicacy with appreciable breed, and though lighter in colour and body than many previous vintages they appealed to the connoisseurs of Port Wine" according to Ernest Cockburn writing in the mid 20th Century.

1900 proved to be a year of exceptionally fine quality.  The wines have been fully mature for years, but well cellared wines should still be a pleasure. Tasted at over 100 years old, they still have life.  Delicate and fine, some wines will have an "edgy" nose but the flavour is superb.

Viticultural and Weather Conditions

"Unusually long wet winter" was followed by a spell of "quite summer heat" in mid April.  Though the development of the vines was nearly a month behind, the flowering period was satisfactory. 

On a visit to the Douro in mid July, George Warre commented "Prospects very favourable. Many vines which seemed hopelessly done for last autumn have resuscitated and are now splendid."  Towards the end of July and the beginning of August it became extremely hot, with the thermometer reaching 108ºF (42ºC).  In mid August the weather broke, becoming cooler and raining for 10 days.

After a fine spell rain was welcome again late in September, and the harvest was made in good weather beginning 21st September.

Winemaker's Overview

Began vintage here 21st [September], mostos (musts) showed 13 degrees. The weather is thundering and a lot of rain has fallen when it was least wanted...rigorous escolha (selection of grapes) is absolutely necessary and more so every day.
George A Warre
25 September 1900

No one remembers a colder winter. There is no doubt that many 1900's would have gone wrong had the weather been as usual during the winter.
George A Warre
14 February 1901

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