Quarles Harris

Quarles Harris’s flavour profile is a firm and slightly dry style.


Founded in 1680 by Thomas Dawson, Quarles Harris is amongst the oldest Port shippers still in existence, and their shipment of 98 pipes of Port in 1689 is the oldest recorded shipment by a firm still trading today.  In the late 18th century they had a solid reputation as a shipper of fine quality Port, and were the second largest shipper of the time.  The firm continued to trade and remained in family hands until the 1920’s when the then owner, Reginald Quarles Harris, sold the firm to his cousin’s husband – Andrew James Symington.  AJ, as he was known, revived the firm and established it once more as a maker of fine quality Ports.


Quarles Harris wines are blended from our winemaker’s pick of the best wines made from grapes bought in from small suppliers in the Rio Torto and Pinhão Valleys in the heart of the Douro region.

Flavour Profile

In a discussion of the typical styles of each of the family brands Charles Symington, head winemaker, said that without the tie to a specific quinta and terroir-driven style, Quarles Harris is an opportunity to “just have some fun making interesting, satisfying wines” from the grapes supplied to us by small producers.  Quarles Harris’s flavour profile is a firm and slightly dry style.

The Wines

In his book Vintage Port James Suckling advises that “ [Quarles Harris’s] Vintage Ports are extremely dependable in quality, however, and should not be missed” and calls the wines well-crafted, solid Vintage Ports.

See details of all the years in which Quarles Harris was made

  1. 2007
  2. 2003
  3. 2000
  4. 1997
  5. 1994
  6. 1991
  7. 1985
  8. 1983
  9. 1980
  10. 1977
  11. 1975
  12. 1970
  13. 1966
  14. 1963
  15. 1960
  16. 1950
  17. 1945
  18. 1934
  19. 1927

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