Gould Campbell

Gould Campbell's Vintage Ports tend towards a very full bodied, rich style.


The firm was founded in 1797 by Garret Gould, who left his native Ireland for Portugal and established a trading company with offices in both Lisbon and Porto.  After the Peninsular wars the firm went into partnership with the prestigious banking and mercantile family of James Campbell & Co, and the Port shipper has been known as Gould Campbell ever since.  The firm was acquired by the Symington family in 1970.


Gould Campbell is unusual in having no specific quintas associated with it.  The Ports are blended from our winemaker's pick of the finest wines made from grapes sourced from local farmers in the area around Pinhão and the Rio Torto in the heart of the Douro winemaking region.

Flavour Profile

In a discussion of the typical styles of each of the family brands Charles Symington, head winemaker, said that without the tie to a specific quinta and terroir-driven style, Gould Campbell gives him the opportunity to “just have some fun making interesting, satisfying wines.”  That said, Gould Campbell's Vintage Ports tend towards a very full bodied, rich style.

Wine Reputation

Like Symington’s other small-production niche brands, Gould Campbell is often picked out as showing very well against the big names and providing excellent value for money.  In his classic reference book on Port and The Douro, Richard Mayson wrote “In both 1985 and 1983, Gould Campbell produced two wines with more depth of flavour than many of its better-known peers.”

James Suckling makes a similar observation in his book on Vintage Port, saying “Gould Campbell Vintage Ports are very good indeed, and in vintages like 1983 and 1977 they can be outstanding. I have tasted these two Vintages in blind tastings against the best names in Port and they have easily held their own.”

See details of all the years in which Gould Campbell was made

  1. 2007
  2. 2003
  3. 2000
  4. 1997
  5. 1994
  6. 1991
  7. 1985
  8. 1983
  9. 1980
  10. 1977
  11. 1975
  12. 1970
  13. 1966
  14. 1963
  15. 1960
  16. 1955
  17. 1945
  18. 1942
  19. 1934
  20. 1927
  21. 1924
  22. 1922
  23. 1920
  24. 1917
  25. 1912
  26. 1908
  27. 1904
  28. 1900
  29. 1896
  30. 1892
  31. 1890

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