What are the books we reach for ourselves, when we want to know more, or double check our facts?

Most of these books can be found through the usual bookstore or on-line resources.


The Story of Port

Sarah Bradford, Christie’s Wine Publications, London, 1983

Originally published by MacMillan's in 1969 as The Englishman's Wine, this features a well-researched history of the Port trade.

Vintage Wine

Michael Broadbent, Little Brown and Co., 2002

From "the world's most experienced taster" great range of notes - over 50 years of tasting, all shippers, all vintages, and many interesting anecdotes. 

Rich, Rare and Red

Ben Howkins, Wine Appreciation Guild, 2004

Useful reference; an overview of the Port trade and shippers.

Port and The Douro

Richard Mayson, Infinite Ideas Ltd, London, 2013

The best introduction to Port - the history, the shippers, the properties, the Douro, viticulture, the works.  UK wine writer Richard Mayson has just released the third edition of this iconic reference book, with updated information as well as some new content, particularly about Douro DOC wines.  If you read nothing else, read this.

The Wine and Food Lover’s Guide to Portugal

Charles Metcalf and Kathryn McWhirter, Inn House Publishing, London, 2007

Exactly what it says it is - with good coverage of Porto and the Douro.

Oxford Companion to Wine

Jancis Robinson (ed.), OUP, Oxford, 2006

A terrific encyclopedic reference no wine lover should be without.

The Port Lover’s Companion

Godfrey Spence, Apple Press, London, 1997

Concise and novice-friendly introduction to Port, including profiles of the shippers active at the time (mid-90's), with a selection of tasting notes across product ranges.  Out of print, but readily available second hand.

Vintage Port

James Suckling, Rizzoli International Publications, 1990

Comprehensive range of meticulous notes on wines from 60s to 1987, and many notes on earlier wines, from the full range of shippers.  Good introductions to each shipper, even though so much has changed since, this is still a useful historical reference.  Similarly, good, if now slightly dated, introductory material about port generally.

A Century of Vintage Port

Serena Sutcliffe, Sotheby’s, 2002

Useful little guide, brief introduction and then pure tasting notes, covering the big shippers and big vintages, with only an occasional note on smaller shippers or single-quinta wines.

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